Why Medifast Inc’s (MED) Stock Is Down 5.46% (2024)

Avoid the stress of overpaying for a stock or missing an opportunity by using the right tools and insights to evaluate Medifast Inc before investing.

In this article, we go over a few key elements for understanding Medifast Inc’s stock price such as:

  • Medifast Inc’s current stock price and volume
  • Why Medifast Inc’s stock price changed recently
  • Upgrades and downgrades for MED from analysts
  • MED’s stock price momentum as measured by its relative strength

About Medifast Inc (MED)

Before we jump into Medifast Inc’s stock price, history, target price and what caused it to recently dip, let’s take a look at some background.

Medifast, Inc. is a health and wellness company. The Company provides a habit-based and coach-guided lifestyle solution OPTAVIA, which provides people with a comprehensive approach to help them achieve lasting optimal health and wellbeing. OPTAVIA's lifestyle plans deliver clinically proven health benefits as well as evidence-based tools, including scientifically developed products and a framework for habit creation reinforced by independent coaches and community support. Through a collaboration with the virtual primary care provider LifeMD, Inc (LifeMD), OPTAVIA customers have access to board-certified affiliated clinicians and medications, such as GLP-1s, that support treatment plans for obesity and other health conditions. OPTAVIA Coaches introduce customers to a set of healthy habits, and offer OPTAVIA-branded products, including Fuelings as well as OPTAVIA ACTIVE, a line of essential amino acid supplements and protein powders. Its operations are conducted through its subsidiaries.

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Medifast Inc’s Stock Price as of Market Close

As of July 05, 2024, 4:00 PM, CST, Medifast Inc’s stock price was $18.69.

Medifast Inc is down 5.46% from its previous closing price of $19.77.

During the last market session, Medifast Inc’s stock traded between $19.75 and $20.68. Currently, there are 10.91 million shares of Medifast Inc stock available for purchase.

Medifast Inc’s price-earnings (P/E) ratio is currently at 3.2, which is low compared to the Food Processing industry median of 18.5. The price-earnings ratio gauges market expectation of future performance by relating a stock’s current share price to its earnings per share.

Medifast Inc Stock Price History

Medifast Inc’s (MED) price is currently down 14.34% so far this month.

During the month of July, Medifast Inc’s stock price has reached a high of $22.21 and a low of $18.66.

Over the last year, Medifast Inc has hit prices as high as $109.52 and as low as $18.81. Year to date, Medifast Inc’s stock is down 83.8%.

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What Caused Medifast Inc Stock’s Price to Dip?

Stock prices are primarily based on seller supply and buyer demand. But have you ever wondered about what other factors affect a stock's price?

When an analyst changes their opinion of a stock by upgrading or downgrading their rating, it often leads to a sudden stock price adjustment. As of July 03, 2024, there were 0 analysts who downgraded Medifast Inc’s stock and 1 analyst who upgraded over the last month.

Additionally, you'll want to evaluate Medifast Inc’s financial health and valuation. Investors can use AAII's Value Grade, which combines six key valuation metrics like P/E and P/S ratios for a comprehensive analysis to conduct analysis on Medifast Inc’s valuation and financial health. This approach mitigates the limitations of single-metric evaluations.

Medifast Inc’s current valuation based on AAII’s Value Grade is a A, which means it is considered to be Deep Value.

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Lastly, news and media coverage as well as recent press reports about the company or its industry may cause stock prices to fluctuate. You can check out the most recent news articles about Medifast Inc (MED) by visiting AAII Stock Evaluator.

Relative Price Strength of Medifast Inc

Relative price strength measures a stock's performance against the market, helping investors identify stocks that are outperforming benchmarks.

For AAII’s Momentum Grade, a weighted relative price strength is calculated. Follow this link to learn more about the Momentum Grade.

As of July 03, 2024, Medifast Inc has a weighted four-quarter relative price strength of -36.11%, which translates to a Momentum Score of 7 and is considered to be Very Weak.

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Medifast Inc Stock Price: Bottom Line

As of July 5, 2024, Medifast Inc’s stock price is $18.69, which is down 5.46% from its previous closing price.

AAII advises against making stock decisions based solely on price or past returns. Instead, consider a variety of metrics, fundamentals, and analytics to evaluate a stock like Medifast Inc stock prices are influenced by market supply and demand and offer just a snapshot of a company's overall health.

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Why Medifast Inc’s (MED) Stock Is Down 5.46% (5)

Why Medifast Inc’s (MED) Stock Is Down 5.46% (2024)
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