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I remember these threads from way back in the day. I just posted them in one of the many Chris/Marquis threads but they don’t seem to be gaining much attention & they NEED to be seen (aka I want Twitter to get ahold of it & then promptly cancel their asses for the sure). The first thread I’m posting is from 2005, before Raz & Quindon made their allegations. Guess what? There is a post in that thread that turned out to be the same allegations Quindon & Raz made. It was jaw dropping.

Here is a long excerpt from said thread:

What goes around comes around. This posting is no joke. You will be lucky if you get to read this one before they delete it. This is no opinion. Only facts. And you will be surprised.

Let's just start by stating that Chris "Pedophile" Stokes did not start, discover or develop B2K. They didn't meet in a mall like they said. That was Chris' idea so that the REAL story wouldn't come out. Everyone knows how B2K really got started and who put them together because their original managers were already shopping them around to labels. Chris pulled some shady !@$%&*!@$%&!@$%&!@$%&*, went behind the original managers backs and talked their parents into having the boys sign a deal with him ONLY. The parents were looking at the house they were living in (all bought with Marques' Sister Sister dough) and thought that Chris was big time but he wasn't. Chris had already been blackballed in the industry. If you speak to anybody who works in the industry, that isn't affiliated with the TUG cult, they'll tell you that NOBODY like Chris. Some of the parents had their doubts. Jarell's father wasn't cool about it until Chris made a deal with him to get points off the album (that was done on the low of course) Chris has been living off of Marques forever.(I'll get to him and Marques later!) The original management team knew about Chris, his shady past and business practices. They wasn't trying to get caught up in the BS that's going on right now, because they knew it would happen eventually, so they let the boys go. Omari's mom and her boyfriend at the time were slightly skeptical, especially the boyfriend, but his mom is really young. She had him when she was like 14 or 15 so all she could see was the dough her son would be making for her. As soon as her boyfriend started making waves and trying to get into Omari's business, Chris made sure he was x-ed out of the picture. Especially since Omari's mom has a thing for Chris.

So that's basically how Chris got his hands on B2K. Now let me go back a little and tell you something about Chris. HE'S CRAZY. Not in a Suge Knight type-of-way, although Suge did slap his ass up in Chris' own office (how bout dat!), but in a I-have-issues-I-need-to-work-out-in-therapy sort of way. He is a David Koresh type of character. Before B2K even came along, he was this way. He, his business partner Taz and IMX (Marques, Kelton and Jerome) have lived together for years before B2K. He has a svengali type of personality. He has to approve any girl they want to talk to, where they go, what and when they eat! ARE U TRIPPIN? SOUNDS CRAZY, RIGHT? Well I BS you not, it's true. One time I remember one of the boys was out and about and decided he would get him something to snack on because he was hungry and Chris was cooking that day but the food wasn't ready yet. When Chris found out, he damn near had a heart attack and went off on him. They used to sneak around to get food because Chris believes that everyone should eat together and if you go get something to eat and don't bring nothing back for everybody, that's your a**.

I know everyone has heard the stories about Chris being a pedophile. That's true as well. Somebody needs to call the DA that's on Michael Jackson's back because he could get a conviction on this case. Okay, I'll take my time with this one.

Remember, Quindon? Everyone may be wondering where he is. Well he lives in Texas now and he is a born-again Christian. When he joined his church, he stood up to testify. He told his entire congregation that while his was a young boy being managed by Chris Stokes, Chris used to molest him. He spoke of a "secret group" of them (Marques Houston included) that used to jack each other off and perform oral sëx on each other but no penetration. I know yall are reading this like "this person is trippin" but I have no reason to lie. I have seen this drama unfold for years. I was never told this story. I watched it play out from the time IMX was Immature (before LDB came along) until this very second. CHris had even been to court before behind a similar situation. Do your research if you want to know about that one.

I mentioned Marques Houston earlier. Well it's sad to say (because he is a cutie) but Chris turned him out years ago. And that BS you saw on Cribs with "Marques' red and black room"..plllleeeease! Marques and Chris has lived and slept in the same room same bed way before they moved out into the houses in Diamond Bar (which by the way were purchased with B2K's money although all of the houses are in Marques' name). Chris and Marques argue and interact like husband and wife. I'll let you guess which one is wifey! I know I said that there will be no opinion but let me just offer one...I think Kelton (LDB of IMX) has been a part of that "secret group" mix too (but that's just me). I don't think Jerome (Romeo of IMX) has but if his brothers knew this stuff was going on, they'd drag his a** away from there.

All this sudden success stuff you see going on with TUG and Chris Stokes are ALL THANKS TO JARELL, DREUX, MARIO and OMARI. Chris has been in the industry and nobody has wanted to mess with him but the industry already wanted B2K before Chris pulled a shady and stole them. So in order to get to B2K, they had to deal with Chris.

There is over 10 years of history I could give you about that camp but there is not enough time in the world. I just wanted to say all this because B2K, all four members, are another set of victims at the hand of a sick man, Chris Stokes. The other three got smart (I am so proud of them) and Omari is being brainwashed. He's a good kid but that's what he is when it's all said and done...a kid. His momma is so money-hungry-I'll-sell-my-kids-out-for-money, including her other son, that Omari doesn't have a voice of reason in his corner. The person who should be his voice of reason is also brainwashed. Good luck Omari. To all the B2K fans, I know yall are hurt. This is the way I felt when Jodeci broke up. But everything is going to come out. Just continue to support the boys and pray for them, especially Omari, he needs it.

Marques Houston's new song "Pop That Booty" is not an R-Kelly track like they want everyone to believe. When R. Kelly did the Clubbin remix, he email the track to Platinum Status (TUG's production company). Marques uploaded all of R's sounds, stole R. Kelly's sounds off of an MP3 file, created a beat and tried to pass it off as an R. Kelly track. If anyone can get to R or his people, ask them about it. In addition to be crooks, they are thieves as well. Ask Brandy; some years ago they stole the entire reel of Brandy's album out of the studioI

Thread from 2005:

Thread from 2007:
Updated Links The Truth About Chris Stokes

I will never forget reading both of those as a teen lurker. Some of that info in the 2005 thread came out two years afterwards.

Old Threads with Chris Stokes Tea (2024)
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